EU Parliment calls for labeling of settlement products

According to the non-binding parlimentary resoultion, “We call on the governments of the Member States to implement the 19 July 2013 Guidelines, to call for a ban on imports into the EU of all Israeli products produced in the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory; – Call on EU to respond to the continued expansion of Israeli settlements by strictly ruling out the application of EU-Israeli agreements

to the occupied Palestinian territory, strengthening advice to EU citizens and companies on settlements and settlement activities, taking action vis-à-vis EU companies complicit in violations in the settlements, taking concrete measures towards settlers, including the adoption of a non-contact policy and visa ban, excluding settlement products from the EU internal market and freezing EU-Israeli relations in light of Article 2 of the Association Agreement; – Welcomes the EU’s commitment – in the spirit of differentiation between Israel and its activities in the occupied Palestinian territory – to ensuring that all agreements between the EU and Israel must unequivocally and explicitly indicate their inapplicability to the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, as reiterated in the Foreign Affairs Council conclusions of 20 July 2015; calls for the correct labelling of Israeli settlement produce on the EU market, in line with existing EU legislation and the EU’s longstanding policy in this regard”



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