EU regulators to examine Google UK tax issues raised in SNP letter

European Union antitrust regulators said on Thursday they would examine a complaint from the Scottish National Party (SNP) about Internet group Google’s back tax deal with British tax authorities. The 130 million pound ($185 million) settlement, announced on Friday, was hailed by the UK government as a major success but dismissed as “derisory” by the opposition Labour Party and criticised by other parties. The European Commission itself took aim on Thursday at tax avoidance by multinationals, proposing that EU states be allowed to tax corporate profits at home in some circumstances even if the money has been transferred elsewhere to avoid such payments. “Specifically concerning Google’s tax treatment in the UK, the Commission can confirm it has received a letter from a member of the Scottish National Party on this matter,” the EU’s competition enforcer said in an email. “The Commission will look at it and issues raised, as with all letters received from stakeholders.”



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