Ex-Top Cop Bruno Stein Suspect in Graft Case

Police Major General (ret.) Bruno Stein was interrogated for 48 hours by the Police Investigations Department (PID) this week in the Ronel Fisher scandal. Stein's identity was under a gag order until a court allowed its publication Wednesday morning.

Stein was released to three days of house arrest early Tuesday morning.

Stein – the former commander of the Israel Police's Central District – is suspected of accepting bribes and disrupting investigations. Investigators believe he leaked information from ongoing police investigations to Attorney Fisher, who then sold the information to the people who were being investigated.

Stein – who abruptly resigned from the police a few months ago, after photos surfaced showing him in a party at Fisher's home, denies the charges.

Stein was fingered by another former top cop, Eran Malka, who has admitted to cooperating with Fisher. Malka said that Fisher bribed Stein by paying for a vacation that he took in Hungary. Malka said that limousines awaited Stein and Fisher when they landed in Hungary, and took them to the vacation spot.

Fisher allegedly offered Stein a position as a director in real estate development company B-Yair, which is owned by Yair Biton, one of Fisher's clients. Biton is also a suspect in the case.

According to Israel Hayom, Stein told investigators that he agreed to fly to a meeting with Biton out of courtesy, and that he never meant to work for the company.

Malka agreed to finger other suspects in the case, in exchange for lesser charges against himself. 

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/196526

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