Exclusive: IDF to receive mobile sirens for front-line staging areas

The IDF will next week receive its first mobile sirens, which will alert units on the front lines of incoming rockets and mortar shells, a senior Home Front Command officer told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

Lt.-Col. Levi Yitah, head of the Alerts Division in the Home Front Command, said the new sirens, dubbed Rotem, come less than a year and a half after the Ground Forces Command requested their development and production.

In previous conflicts, such as last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, the military had at times struggled to issue clearly audible rocket and mortar alerts to units in vulnerable staging areas on the Gaza border, where there is very little time to seek cover from enemy shelling, which proved deadly in 2014.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Exclusive-IDF-to-receive-mobile-sirens-for-front-line-staging-areas-409903

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