Existence of Jewish people ‘in doubt’ due to low conversion rate, report finds

Over half of the conversion candidates from the former Soviet Union drop out before finishing the process, according to a report on the efficacy of the state conversion system.

The report, which the Israel Democracy Institute released Monday, illustrates what the authors have described as a “depressing” picture of conversion policy over the last two decades.

According to research by the IDI’s Dr. Netanel Fisher, some 80,000 people have converted to Judaism through the state conversion system since it was established in 1995. Of those, some 45,000 converts were from the Ethiopian sector – specifically the Falash Mura, who were required to undergo conversion upon entering Israel.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Existence-of-Jewish-people-in-doubt-due-to-low-conversion-rate-report-finds-403576

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