Expert: Israel Didn’t Commit War Crimes in Gaza

Anne Herzberg, an international law expert and the legal advisor of the NGO Monitor organization, dismissed in an interview with the Arutz Sheva the accusations that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza.

“I do not think that Israel or the IDF committed war crimes during the Gaza war last summer,” she said.

“Of course in any situation of armed conflict you have soldiers who may have acted inappropriately or who may have engaged in criminal activity, that’s in every armed conflict, and Israel has very robust investigation procedures in place to find out who those people are and, if they had done something wrong, to punish them,” Herzberg pointed out.

She noted that the IDF has been investigating reports of misconduct and has released the results of many of those investigations. “As an overall policy, do I think the IDF committed war crimes? Absolutely not,” she reiterated.


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