Expert: Trump isn’t yet assured the nomination

Ted Cruz’s and Bernie Sanders’ victories in the primaries in Wisconsin Tuesday are not an indication of what’s to come, former Israeli Ambassador to Washington Yoram Ettinger told Arutz Sheva on Wednesday.

“We must wait for the primaries in the major states, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California,” he said, adding that he believes that despite Hillary Clinton’s recent losses, she will end up the Democratic presidential candidate.

“The Democrats have so-called ‘allocated delegates’, sort of the House of Lords of the delegates, and they ultimately express the desire of the Democratic establishment, and therefore Hillary Clinton has an overwhelming advantage over Sanders,” said Ettinger.

He added that the situation in the Republican party is a much more complex one.

“At the moment it appears that even though Donald Trump has a convincing lead, he is still far from taking the majority. According to the Republican constitution, if there is no absolute majority, they go for a second round of voting among the delegates and because by that time just a few of the candidates will remain in the race, some of the delegates will probably cross lines and choose another candidate, which certainly can change the picture,” said Ettinger.


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