Explosive thrown at IDF position south of Jerusalem, soldier moderately injured

An amateur made explosive was thrown at IDF position near Beit Jala, South of Jerusalem, moderately injuring one soldier. The soldier treated by IDF medical response teams at the scene and was subsequently evacuated to Hadassah University Medical Center.

Israeli Security Forces are investigating the event and are sweeping the scene for suspects.

Over the last several weeks, multiple terror attacks have taken place
, especially around the Jerusalem area.

Earlier Wednesday evening, a father and his toddler were lightly injured after stone-throwers lobbed rocks at their moving vehicle on highway 45 near Jerusalem. Both were evacuated to a nearby Jerusalem hospital for treatment. Israeli Security Forces arrived at the scene shortly after and are investigating the event. 

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Explosive-device-detonates-near-checkpoint-near-Jerusalem-one-injury-reported-412650

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