Extremist haredi opponents of IDF service print contact details of ultra-Orthodox IDF officers

In the latest occurrence of incitement against haredi enlistment to the IDF, a booklet containing the names, photos and contact details of senior figures in the haredi community who promote enlistment has been published by haredi extremists as part of their efforts to fight efforts to draft haredi men into the military.

Entitled “The Hunters: the faces and names of the hunters of souls” the booklet provides detailed information, including ID numbers, addresses and cell-phone numbers, on more than 40 people, including haredi IDF officers and personnel, who direct or are involved in the IDF units dedicated to haredi men or are involved in recruiting haredi men for enlistment.

The booklet claims that “hundreds of haredi recruiters lie in wait for the youth” who are described as “professional missionaries with a haredi appearance” and who “sold their souls to Satan for a little bit of money.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Extremist-haredi-opponents-of-IDF-service-print-contact-details-of-ultra-Orthodox-IDF-officers-409091

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