Facebook Page Shows Arab Migrants How to Get to Europe – Easily

What's the best way to infiltrate Europe? For Arab migrants seeking to break through to the “promised land” – the northern European lands such as Germany and Austria – there is a Facebook group that provides tips on how to get past the patrols, fences, and immigration officials that stand in their way.

Members of the group – called “Al Mushuntiteen," or “The Traveler's Page" – hail from not only Syria, where the purported refugees are seeking to escaped from the civil war that has been raging there for the past three years, but also a host of other Arab, African, and Asian countries. Group members from Iraq, Egypt, and Ethiopia seek information on what the “easiest” country to sneak into is, where the benefits are greatest, what the specific pitfalls to watch out for are, and the like.

Among the piece of information being passed around are specific maps that direct migrants around roadblocks, army patrols, and blockades. The maps include details of border areas, so travelers can determine the “weakest link” in a country's defenses. Updates are provided in real time, several times a day. Many of the page's users are actually on the move, as evidenced by the many “in the field” posts that are posted on the page.

The page also has a social aspect – with users setting times and dates for rendezvous, as well as a section dedicated to helping individuals who have lost touch with  family members on the way to determine their whereabouts and reunite with them.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/200879

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