Father of hiker killed in Nepal: ‘I am happy we can bring him home’

For over an hour, 20 Israeli rescuers walked on foot on Sunday night with the body of trekker Or Asraf, 22, out of a remote area of the Langtang to a safe spot in a nearby village, eight days after he was killed when a massive earthquake struck the Himalayan state.

“I am sad that we lost Or, but I am so happy that we can bring him home,” the young man’s father, Patrick, told Israeli reporters by telephone from Nepal.

A helicopter is scheduled to transport Asraf’s body from the village to the Israeli field hospital in Kathmandu early Monday morning.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Family-of-hiker-killed-in-Nepal-I-am-happy-we-can-bring-him-home-400977

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