Father of singer Eyal Golan indicted for sexual misconduct with minors

The father of famous singer Eyal Golan, Dani Biton, was indicted in the Tel Aviv District Court as part of a plea bargain on Monday for a scheme of exploiting his connection with female minors to press them into providing sexual favors to him and his associates.

The Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office filed the indictment, which does not reference Golan’s sexual relationships with any of the women despite certain admissions he made, since the case against him was closed in February 2014 on the grounds that he did not know that any of the women were underage.

The Jerusalem Post has learned that Biton may serve up to two years in prison and may need to pay NIS 50,000 to three separate victims if the plea bargain is approved by the court.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Father-of-singer-Eyal-Golan-indicted-for-sexual-misconduct-with-minors-391185

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