Fewer organ transplants in 2014 because of lower number of lower-brain-dead donors

Fifteen organs were transplanted in 12 operations during the first eight days of this year, following the transplant of 361 organs from deceased and live donors in 333 transplant operations in 2014, Israel Transplant announced on Sunday. Fifty-two percent of bereaved families asked to donate organs last year agreed to do so.

The number of organ recipients declined by 18% compared to the figure in 2013.

In the past year, the prevalence of patients with lower-brain death — from which transplants are preferred or most successful, has declined, but nevertheless, the share of families who agree to donate their organs has remained stable.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Health/Fewer-organ-transplants-in-2014-because-of-lower-number-of-lower-brain-dead-donors-388131

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