Film: More a farce than a satire

Dror Shaul’s Atomic Falafel is a funny, enjoyable and slightly subversive comedy about the conflict between Israel and a nuclear Iran. It plays like a kind of Israeli Dr. Strangelove meets WarGames meets a sketch-comedy television show.

The movie, which will doubtless offend many and provoke controversy, is about how two teenage girls, one Israeli and one Iranian, both of whom live in towns with a nuclear reactor, are able, with the aid of an Israeli hacker, to foil a nuclear war when top brass on both sides decide to push the button.

Most of the action takes place in the Negev as Mimi (Mali Levi Gershon), a widow who believes her husband died of radiation sickness from working at the local nuclear plant, and Nofar (Michelle Treves), her daughter, sell food from their Atomic Falafel truck, to troops on maneuver in the area.


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