Fish breeders protest Kahlon’s proposed reforms

More than 150 workers in the country’s fish-breeding industry protested outside the Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday to show their disapproval of proposed agriculture reforms that would lower the price at which they sell their fish, as well as making imported fish cheaper.

The latest round of reforms was proposed by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon on February 23 in hopes of making popular food items cheaper for consumers ahead of Passover. A debate is ongoing over how much subsidy should be given to Israeli fisherman and fish breeders if they are forced to lower their sale price. Regarding imported frozen fish, such as tilapia from China, there is an argument over whether to allow 3,000 tons of tax-free imported fish for a period of three months or to allow 6,000 tons of imported fish taxed at 50 percent for a period of six months.


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