Fixed: Fanta Website Puts Israel Back on Map

Coca-Cola subsidiary Fanta has returned Israel to the map, a spokesman confirmed Thursday, following an Arutz Sheva news report noting that the Jewish state was conspicuously missing from its list of countries on its homepage. 

Back on the map: directory now lists Israel Screenshot

Previously, the homepage only listed the "Palestinian territories," along with several other Arab countries as well as Russia and countries from the former Soviet Union. 

"Typically, the countries listed at the bottom of the site are only those that use that particular global site as their Fanta home page," Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers clarified Thursday afternoon. "In many markets, local versions of websites are used that are not linked to the global site seen in the United States."  

"To avoid any confusion, a link has been added from the global Fanta site to the Israel site where Fanta fans can also find the local Fanta information," he added. 

A disclaimer has also appeared at the bottom of the page. disclaimer also added Screenshot

Fanta, owned by Coca-Cola, does not have an Israeli website, but does have a Hebrew Facebook page and YouTube channel. The drink remains ubiquitous on store shelves and in restaurants nationwide. . 

In 2013, Fanta's website was also spotted listing just the "Palestinian territories" – a move it claimed was an "error" after a boycott campaign from Zionist creative writing group “Poets for Israel." 


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