Forecast: Israel to warm up after winter storm

After a stormy week of rain, snow and bitter cold, the forecast for the upcoming week in Israel appears much more pleasant. 

Skies on Sunday will be clear to partly cloudy. There will be a mild rise in temperatures bringing them up closer to the seasonal norm. 

Monday will see partly cloudy skies with no significant change in temperatures. Skies will remain partly cloudy on Tuesday and localized showers are possible in central and northern Israel. 

The sun will finally return on Wednesday as temperatures also take a noticeable leap, with weather shifting toward unusually warm for the season. Strong eastern winds will also be felt in the mountains. 

Temperatures Sunday will reach 15°C (59°F) in the Golan Heights, 17° (63°) at the Sea of Galilee, 15° in Nazareth, 16° (61°) in Haifa, 17° in Tel Aviv and the Shfela region, 13° (55°) in Ariel and Jerusalem, 17° in Be'er Sheva, 19° (66°) at the Dead Sea and 21° (70°) in Eilat. 


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