Forecast: Weekend to offer brief respite from rain

The weather on Thursday will see an improvement from the rain storms earlier this week, with a rise in temperatures and clear skies. 

Friday will be partly cloudy and the pleasant temperatures will remain relatively the same. 

Temperatures are expect to drop on Saturday as rain resumes across Israel from the north to the Negev. Snowfall is predicted on Mount Hermon and eastern rivers are expected to flood. 

The stormy weather will continue on Sunday with both wind and rain growing stronger amid very chilly temperatures. 

Snow will fall on Mount Hermon and other mountain peaks in the Galilee and Golan throughout Sunday, even possibly spreading to Tzfat and high plains in the center region overnight Monday.

Temperatures on Thursday will reach 16°C (60.8°) in the Golan Heights, 18° (64.4°) at the Kinneret, 17° (62.6°) in Haifa, 18° in Tel Aviv, 20° (68°) in the Shfela region, 13° (55.4°) in Jerusalem, 18° in Be'er Sheva, 21° (69.8°) at the Dead Sea and 22° (71.6°) in Eilat.


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