Foreign Ministry Strike: ‘Danon Won’t Receive a Passport’

The Union of Foreign Ministry Employees is stepping up its current work struggle, in a demand that the employees' living allowance be updated. The union has declared it will not offer any assistance to the newly appointed ambassadors who are not diplomats.

The appointees who will suffer from these steps are three appointees selected by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the course of the last week: Danny Danon, who was appointed UN Ambassador; Fiamma Nirenstein, who was appointed Ambassador to Italy, and Dani Dayan, who was appointed Ambassador to Brazil.

The employees' union said they would not process the matters required for completing the appointments, including the issuing of diplomatic passports, the transfer of authorization papers, registering children to schools, handling of cargos and more.

The employees' union specifically noted that three appointments had been announced in the media – those of Danon, Dayan and Nirenstein – and that no assistance would be given to them.

This is the third labor dispute that Foreign Ministry employees have launched in the last five years.


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