Former Bulgarian intelligence head sentenced to 10 years in jail

Bulgaria’s former intelligence chief Kircho Kirov was sentenced to 10 years in jail on Friday for misappropriation of public funds and violations of financial discipline, prosecutors said. Kirov, convicted for misappropriating nearly 5 million levs ($2.8 million) and filing for more than 1,000 non-existent expenses between 2007 and 2011, denied any wrongdoing and will appeal the verdict. “I believe in the fairness of the Bulgarian judicial system and I believe I will be able to prove my innocence,” he told Bulgarian national radio. The court, which said Friday’s sentence was the minimum possible under Bulgarian law for his offences, ordered half of Kirov’s assets to be confiscated. The European Union has repeatedly criticised the Balkan country for failing to jail corrupt officials or overhaul its inefficient judiciary.



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