Former IDF officer Gal Hirsch won’t be next police chief, Erdan says

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan on Wednesday night announced he had removed former IDF general Gal Hirsch as a candidate for chief of police, surrounding weeks of controversy surrounding the selection.

Saying that Hirsch was subject to "a campaign of defamation and character assassination", he apologized for the damage he said has been caused to he and his family, but said the vetting process has taken far too long and he doesn’t see it ending any time soon.

The selection of Hirsch last month to serve as the next Commissioner of the Israel Police was met with immediate criticism, including from current and former police officials opposed to the selection of a candidate from outside the organization. Mainly though, questions have been raised about the security company he runs, which as been named in an international investigation into a ex Georgian politician, even though Hirsch is not suspected of any wrongdoing.


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