Former Kadima MK Yoel Hasson to join Zionist Camp

Former Kadima MK and Hatnua member Yoel Hasson has been reserved a spot in the Zionist Camp’s list, it was announced Saturday. He will likely receive one of Tzipi Livni’s spots at number 16. Hasson, 41, joined the Kadima party when it was formed and became an MK at the age of 33. He was the chairman of the coalition and chaired

the State Comptroller Committee at the Knesset. A little less than two years ago he joined Livni’s Hatnua party and was placed at number 7, but did not enter the Knesset after the party only received 6 mandates. Hasson is considered a prominent and hardworking legislator and a socially-oriented MK. Among other things, he led the legislation to ensure widows of fallen IDF soldier who remarried will still get the benefits they deserve, as well as a law limiting parking lots’ prices. He also established the lobby for animals at the Knesset.



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