Former President Yitzhak Navon laid to rest

Thousands attended the funeral of former Israeli President Yitzhak Navon on Sunday, held at the President's Residence in Jerusalem. He will be buried at Mount Herzl cemetery later in the day. 

"You merited to lead a life hand in hand with the State," current President Reuven Rivlin eulogized at the ceremony. "At every junction and at every event, your special stamp is ingrained life a guiding stone along the path.”

Rivlin further said that Navon established the Presidential Residence as a house for the nation.

“Everyone knew that your door was open to any man or women in Israel. We also knew that we could look to you… when the path was not nearly clear enough.”

President with a vision

Yitzhak Navon was born in 1921 in Jerusalem, and fought under the Haganah in his home city during the War of Independence.

He joined the Knesset as an MK between 1968 for the left-wing Rafi party of Ben Gurion, which during that time merged with Labor, and was elected by his fellow MKs as the State of Israel's fifth president in 1978.

Navon served as president until 1983, when he was succeeded by Chaim Herzog.

He did not opt to run for a second term and instead, unlike any of his predecessors or successors, opted instead to return to the Knesset as an MK, where he served as an MK from 1984-1992 – most of which (1984-1990) he spent as Minister of Education.

He leaves behind his wife, Miri Shapir, as well as a son and a daughter from his first marriage – to Ophira Navon, who lost her battle with cancer in 1993.



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