Former Shin Bet chief: Footage from Netanyahu home severe security breach

Former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin took issue on Monday with a video clip that shows interior designer Moshik Glamin touring the Prime Minister’s Residence. Diskin called the decision to allow the filming, which included an in-depth look inside the residence, a “serious security breach,” and sarcastically dubbed the prime minister’s wife, Sara, who provided Galamin with the tour of the house, “the acting prime minister.”

“Apparently the panic over the report from the State Comptroller dispelled the even highly developed security fears of the official family,” Diskin wrote on his Facebook page, referring to a report by State Comptroller Joseph Shapira on allegations of mismanagement of expenses in the prime minister’s homes that is due to be released on Tuesday.

“What didn’t we have there? Doors, windows, the types of locks, the rooms, interior structure and furniture, accessories and appliances, with phone jacks and more, led by the ‘acting prime minister’ for 15 minutes at the place of residence (and sometimes work) of the most highly guarded personality in the country," said Diskin. "From my experience, I can tell you that any foreign intelligence service or terrorist organization would have paid a fortune to get all of these details. The judgment of whoever initiated this sad and pathetic film is highly suspect. Let’s hope that we don’t also go to war over wetness in the walls.”



A Facebook post from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu included video footage from Galamin’s tour. "We invited Moshik Galamin to give a professional, objective and unbiased opinion about the condition of the prime minister’s residence. Here’s what happened," reads the post.

In the video clip, which Galamin also posted to his own Facebook page, he is seen arriving at the prime minister’s official Jerusalem residence and meeting Prime Minister Netanyahu, who tells the guest “you can see the house in all its peeling [state]. Sara Netanyahu is then seen giving the visitor a tour of the house, as she points out various deficiencies—creaking doors, coffee stains and “things from the 1990s”—while Galamin exhibits shock at the neglected state of the residence.

Showing archive footage from the Olmert administration, Channel 10 News reported Monday that there was some footage missing from Galamin’s clip: the kitchen requiring renovation and highlighted in the video is one of two kitchens in the official residence, Ch. 10 reported.

The second kitchen – on the second floor, where the family lives – is modern and well-equipped, but was not shown in the video.

However, the prime minister’s wife said in the video that the unrenovated kitchen is the one where well-known chefs cook for heads of state. "I won’t tell you what they say about" the kitchen, she told Galamin. She said she and her husband eat there as well.


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