Former Shin Bet head blames Israeli gov for terror wave

Former Israel Security Agency (ISA, also known as Shabak or Shin Bet) head Yuval Diskin claims that the ongoing wave of terror is caused by the lack of dialogue with the Palestinian Authority.

"What's happening on the ground now is not surprising," he said in an interview with Channel 2. "For a number of years I have been pointing to this growing phenomenon, including that there are hundreds of thousands of frustrated, embittered and incited youths on the Palestinian side."

Diskin called for carrying out processes to create hope, as in his words, among Arabs. "In this wave of terror we must use operational means for treatment, as the IDF Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defense are doing. But there is an additional part that isn't found in the operational side, and that's a change of atmosphere. In order to change the atmosphere that creates this terror wave, we must go into processes that create hope."

"Nothing causes terror more than a lack of hope and it's very clear that the youth who are going out with knives to attack are people who feel desperate, for all sorts of reasons. They don't see a future. In order to change this reality we need brave governmental processes by the leaders, and the Prime Minister in particular."


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