Founder of French far-right party to start up new movement

The founder of France’s far-right National Front, currently suspended from his party, says he plans to create a new political formation. Jean-Marie Le Pen, who risks losing his title of honorary president for life of the party, said Tuesday on RTL radio that vice-president

Florian Philippot is slowly taking over command of the National Front from his daughter Marine Le Pen — the party president. He said defiantly that “it’s Philippot or Le Pen.” Speaking Monday on Radio Courtoisie, the 86-year-old Le Pen said he wants to create a “kind of parachute against disaster.” His daughter has been changing the party image, pushing aside the old guard. Last month, it suspended Le Pen for reiterating anti-Semitic remarks. The party rules in three months on whether to abolish his president-for-life title.



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