Four critically hurt in Jerusalem gas explosion

Four people were critically injured on Monday in a gas explosion in a private home in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

The last major deadly gas explosion occurred in October 2014 in Acre, causing a building to collapse and killing five people, among them a nine-year-old boy.

Two residents of Acre, Omar Halwani and Mahmad Jerahi, were indicted about two months later on five counts of murder, arson and conspiracy to commit a crime. They were charged with having conspired to burn down a communications device belonging to the Pelephone cellular communications company that had been installed in a residential building.

In March 2014, at least three people were injured, one seriously, when a gas canister exploded, in a residential building in south Tel Aviv.

In January of that year, a Jerusalem couple and their baby were killed in a gas explosion in their apartment.

The Environmental Protection Ministry conducted a survey of the cooking gas market in 2013, and concluded that supervision over gas canisters and the tanks of central gas installations in apartment buildings is woefully inadequate and suffers from a chronic lack of manpower.

There is also a serious lack of information about the location of gas tanks, which makes it difficult to enforce safety regulations, and there is almost no enforcement against thieves who steal canisters and pipes, the ministry said in the 2013 report.


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