Franz Kafka’s manuscripts belong in National Library, Tel Aviv court says

A protracted and acrimonious legal battle over the rights to the manuscripts of Franz Kafka ended Tuesday after the Tel Aviv District Court announced that the nearly 100-year-old collection must be transferred from a private collection to the National Library in Jerusalem.

The three-judge panel rejected the appeal of Eva Hoffe, who, the judges said, had illegally procured the papers from her mother, Esther Hoffe. The mother was the secretary of Kafka’s friend Max Brod, another celebrated writer whose works are part of the collection that is to be transferred.

The appeal was filed in 2012 after a court concluded that Esther had illegally bequeathed the collection, via Brod, decades earlier, and ordered Hoffe and her sister, Anita Ruth Vizler, to hand over the manuscripts to the library.


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