French chutzpa on the eve of Jerusalem Day

Walter talks about how more than 2,000 Police secure the Jerusalem Day festivities and the Flag March through the Arab quarter on the eve of Ramadan.

Also: All about the strenuous efforts of the UK Labour Party leader to exclude our Ministers from the UK.

And: The French Chutzpa to try and discuss the Palestinian Arab – Israeli dispute without the affected parties being present.  And how France pays the PA for terrorists in Israeli prisons.

Walter also explains why Facts on the ground will make a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria impossible.

We hear of Trump's conceited belief that he will succeed with Israel and Palestine where others failed.

Hear what the Walter's World microphone recorded in the streets of Jerusalem and be surprised at the lack of knowledge about Jerusalem Day.

Plus: How Christian Friends of MDA work for Israel

As well as Music and lots more.


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