From Bottle-gate to Grocery-gate: Former neighbor of Meni Nafali’s in-laws issues police complaint

A neighbor of Meni Naftali’s in-laws issued a police complaint on Monday alleging that the former manager of the Prime Minister’s residence alleging possible theft from the workplace on the part of Naftali.

According to the sworn statement given to the Afula Police on Monday, the neighbor said that nearly every Thursday or Friday between June 2009 and February 2012, he saw Naftali take cases of sealed and opened groceries to his in-laws, who lived in two separate apartments in the same building as the complainant.

The neighbor told police that he would stand at his window each week and watch Naftali take between 5-7 cases by hand up to the two apartments. He said that most of the goods appeared to be groceries and cleaning supplies, much of them unopened.


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