From Captivity in Ukraine to a New Home in Israel

Over 90 new Ukrainian immigrants, many of them war refugees, landed in Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday morning. 

Among them was D., 68, who last year was kidnapped, interrogated and tortured by Russian separatists before finally being released. Originally from the Donetsk, both D. and his wife arrived in Israel on Wednesday, where they plan to settle in central city Holon. 

Speaking to Arutz Sheva upon arrival, D. noted the viciousness of the war, and stressed his support for Jews who side with the Ukrainians, despite the consequences. 

"My son-in-law is still in prison, just because he supports the Ukrainians. My grandson knows how to identify the different kind of explosions. I feel that this is a very difficult war."

"I never thought my home would be under fire, but now my home is Israel," D. declared. "My nephew serves in the IDF… I want this to be my new homeland."

Describing his harrowing time in captivity, D. noted the fear he felt. "I wasn't in a prison. They kidnapped me at night, put me in a dark room with a bag on my head…they threatened me and put a grenade in my hand.

"They said they would behead me… they threatened me and beat me," he continued. "They didn't know I was Jewish, if they would have known, I would not be here today.

"My physical wounds will heal, but the wounds of my soul will stay for a very long time."


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