From éclairs to profiteroles

Pâte à choux is the stuff of magic in the kitchen. Pipe soft, sticky dough onto a baking sheet and slide it into a hot oven. In just minutes, the dough puffs up to double, even triple, its original size right before your eyes. Out of the oven, choux pastry cools to a golden-brown shell, crisp yet delicate and lighter than air. It’s downright mesmerizing.

Maybe you’ve never heard of pâte à choux, but you’ve no doubt savored it at one time or another. Also known as cream puff dough, it’s the magic behind crisp éclair shells and towering cream puff pastries and profiteroles.

The best thing about it? Choux pastry is very simple to make. All it takes is butter, water (or milk), flour and eggs – and perhaps a touch of sugar and salt – to get you started.


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