Get out of jail free card? Drug charges dropped against cop

A volunteer police officer arrested and tried for growing marijuana in his home was freed without conviction despite having accepted a plea bargain agreement including conviction and punishment.

While Beer Sheva Judge Ron Solkin had prepared a punishment for the accused, he reversed his decision and freed the man after discovering that the defendant was a volunteer police officer, Walla News reported.

 “This will give him an opportunity to continue in his position – both professionally and in terms of his volunteer work,” explained Judge Solkin. “The law takes into consideration the accused’s extraordinary contributions to society and the state, to his credit.”

Had the defendant been convicted, he could have faced up to 3 years in jail.

Police discovered 40 marijuana plants in a lab in the accused’s house, along with nearly two kilos of marijuana in the process of being dried out for use.  The defendant claimed that the marijuana was for medical use, yet did not have a doctor’s recommendation to that effect.  


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