Givat Ze’ev stabbing victim in stable condition

The Israeli man wounded in a stabbing attack in Givat Ze'ev late Wednesday night has been stabilized and is currently sedated, Shaare Zedek Medical Center announced Thursday morning. 

He was originally transferred to the Jerusalem hospital in very serious condition, suffering a stab wound to the chest and severe blood loss. He underwent immediate surgery at the hospital and was placed in the intensive care unit.

The stab victim is still in serious condition, the hospital says, but he is now stable, sedated and on a respirator.

Head of Shaare Zedek's trauma unit Dr. Ofer Marin told reporters, "The stabbing victim arrived at the trauma unit just before midnight. He was semi-conscious received first aid treatment and then went immediately to surgery where he underwent surgery on his chest." 

"He needed large number of blood transfusions but we succeeded in stopping the source of his bleeding. He is currently stable and his blood pressure is good." 

The 36-year-old man was seriously injured in the attack at a gas station in Givat Ze'ev, to the northwest of Jerusalem. Paramedics who were called to the scene provided the victim with initial treatment before evacuating him to the hospital. 

The terrorist, a 17-year-old Arab, attacked a couple who were in a restaurant adjacent to the gas station. He stabbed the man in the neck and began to flee.

Citizens at the station began to pursue him until he tripped and fell. They held him until police arrived. The terrorist was taken the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem with light injuries.


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