Givati commander pleads to keep rank despite conviction for inappropriate sexual conduct

Former IDF Givati Commander Lt.-Col. Liran Hajbi plead to the Tel Aviv Military Court on Thursday to keep his rank despite a conviction for inappropriate sexual misconduct with a much lower ranking female soldier, including kissing her against her will.

Hajbi told the court, which will soon decide his sentence including whether to demote him, that “I know that I did not act appropriately, that I crossed a line,” but at the same time argued his recent expulsion from the IDF was a harsh enough punishment, saying, “enough, others have also crossed the line.”

He also refused to apologize to female soldier Mai Patel, to whom he was convicted of acting sexually inappropriately toward, noting that “I am not afraid to apologize,” but that he would not apologize to Patel because she allegedly overly-sensationalized what he had done.


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