‘Godfather’ Eitan Hiya ordered to spend 20 years in prison

It’s not typical for a Tel Aviv judge to quote The Godfather in a ruling, but not every day does a gangster like Eitan Hiya get sent to the penitentiary for 20 years.

The long, illustrious career of Hiya should be coming to an end now that he’s been sentenced to prison-time and NIS 4 million in forfeitures and fines for extorting a series of victims who fled the country and turned into state witnesses against the 62-year-old mob boss.

Hiya had a modus operandi that would be familiar to many a loan shark. His victims would see their debts soar due to astronomical interest rates and even when they thought they’d paid up, Hiya would come with new debts and send his enforcers to terrorize them and their families. A few times the warning came by way of a frag grenade thrown in their front yard, in another case it was pistol shots from a passing motorcycle in rush hour traffic.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Godfather-Eitan-Hiya-ordered-to-spend-20-years-in-prison-446189

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