Goldstein on Gelt: Can Momentum Investing Improve Your Investment Returns?

Doug Goldstein

Join cross-border financial advisor and director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd. Doug Goldstein as he chats with award-winning momentum investor Gary Antonacci about how dual momentum investment strategies can improve your returns. Can relative momentum (buying stocks that perform better than their peers) and time series momentum (buying on positive momentum and selling on negative momentum) actually improve investment performance? How do performance-based strategies reconcile with the investment refrain “past performance can’t predict future performance?” Are strong markets really followed by weaker markets, and vice versa? Does your time frame (long, medium, or short) affect investment results?

The sting of great investment returns: Capital Gains Tax


Once you are fortunate to have profits in your investments, don’t neglect your capital gains tax. Learn how capital gains tax strategies can be especially useful to dual citizens who may be liable to pay taxes in two countries. Make sure that you have a great CPA for each country you owe taxes to – and that each one knows what the other is doing. Just because two countries have signed an agreement, doesn’t mean you automatically benefit. You might need to do some work. Consult with a qualified tax advisor as to your tax responsibilities, as I provide investment, not tax advice.

Tune in for Doug’s advice on how you might want to invest your capital gains.

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