Good news in R&D: 20% rise in Israeli patents last year

A rise of 20 percent in patents by Israeli inventors and scientists in 2014 was reported on Sunday by the National Council for Research and Development in the Science, Technology and Space Ministry.

According to the survey, universities and research institutes reported 856 inventions at companies for the commercialization of know-how. The number represented a one-fifth increase over 2013’s figure, and 66% came from universities’ technology transfer companies — a 15% rise. Colleges reported a doubling of their patents. In addition, last year, 42 start-up companies were established for commercialization of know-how.

In more good news, judged in comparison with other developed countries, Israel ranks very high in income for patent know-how as a percentage of all R&D expenditures in the higher-education sector compared to leading countries like the US, Britain and Australia.


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