Google Removes Hamas App from Play Store

Tech giant Google has removed a Hamas application from its Android app store, Israel Hayom reported early Sunday morning. 

The app, which was created in order to improve the terrorist organization’s connection to its supporters worldwide, was taken down at around 10:00 p.m. on Saturday night; its address no longer exists on Google Play's server. 

The application contained historical information on Hamas, as well as reports on the organization’s terrorist activity and updates on terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

Google officials announced in response that they readily remove applications in violation of the company's policies, such as ones that are illegal or promote a platform of hatred. 

Hamas, meanwhile, continues to incite the Gazan people against Israel, publishing a series of propaganda films presenting the "achievements" of its military wing – the Al Qassam Brigades – during Operation Protective Edge. 

A video circulated over the weekend shows a cache of rifles, cartridges and ammunition boxes, which Hamas claims was forgotten by IDF soldiers when they were ambushed by Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza. 

There is no conclusive proof, however, that the weapons and munitions depicted in the Hamas film really belong to Israeli soldiers or from those serving in Gaza during last summer's war. 


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