Grafitti Writers Remember Slain IDF Soldier

To remember IDF soldier Hadar Goldin, who was killed in Operation Protective Edge one year ago tomorrow, hundreds of youths of all backgrounds gathered in Tel Aviv for a unique memorial – a graffiti-based tribute to the IDF soldier whose body Hamas is still holding.

The memorial was actually an extension of an idea that was born during the war, when Israelis would daub graffiti on walls near where IDF soldiers were based outside Gaza in order to give them strength and inspiration.

The event Monday, which took place in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, saw Israelis from all walks of life record their personal memorials for Goldin on large sheets that were spread around the walls of the Square. Passerby were asked to stop and pick up a spray paint can, and draw or write their memorials for the slain soldier.

The sheets will be displayed Tuesday at the official memorial service for Goldin, which will take place in his home town of Kfar Sava.

A spokesperson for the group said that “this is the best way for us to tell Hadar's family that we are with them. Thousands of people stopped off today to remember Hadar, they sang and smiled in honor of him and his memory.”

Goldin was killed as he was being kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, as a ceasefire was set to go into effect. Goldin was part of an IDF crew that was decommissioning a terror tunnel.


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