Greek Leftist Group Claims Israeli Embassy Shooting

A Greek far-left group has claimed responsibility for a shooting attack on the Israeli embassy in Athens last December, a police source said Wednesday.

Anti-terrorist police found a text from the People's Fighter Group, contained in a memory stick left in a garbage bin, the source said.

A Greek newspaper had received an anonymous phone call on Tuesday pointing to the location of the text, whose contents have not been made public.

In the December 12 attack, a gunman riding on the back of a motorcycle raked the embassy with at least 54 rounds from a Kalashnikov rifle, police said. Fortunately no one was wounded.

The police later matched the weapon to a similar attack by the group on the German ambassador's residence a year earlier, and said the far-left group was likely responsible.

Another two people on a second motorcycle were suspected of also taking part in the attack.

Embassies and diplomatic vehicles in Greece have been targeted by far-left groups in recent years.

The German ambassador's residence has been hit twice – the 2013 incident and a rocket attack in 1999. No one was hurt. In 2007, another rocket was fired at the US embassy in Athens without injuring anyone.

All three attacks were claimed by far-left groups, two of which have since been dismantled by the police.

But the People's Fighter Group remains active and its members at large.

The outfit has also hit the headquarters of the conservative New Democracy party in January 2013, when it was in power, and an auto dealership in January 2014, causing damage.

The attack on the Israeli embassy came two days after convicted terrorist turned Palestinian Authority (PA) official Ziad Abu Ein died of a heart attack while clashing with IDF soldiers in Samaria.

There have been many Greek protests against Israel in recent months, and in the recent elections openly anti-Semitic parties took power, leading to concerns over the future of Greek Jews and relations between the Mediterranean state and Israel.


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