Hadar Noiberg jazzes up New York

The 32-year-old Israeli flutist mixes jazz improvisation and Western harmonies with Middle Eastern tempos • By VIVA SARAH PRESS At the age of six, while her firstgrade friends were playing off-key notes on their recorders in music class, Hadar Noiberg’s parents were informed that their daughter had absolute pitch, a rare auditory trait that enables a person to identify a pitch of a musical tone without a reference pitch. She got her first flute at age 10, hoping to emulate her older sister’s playing skills.

Fast forward to today and the 32-year-old Noiberg is a notable jazz flutist who wows audiences worldwide. This summer she’s been zigzagging across Germany, Canada, Israel, the US and Japan in support of her newest album, From The Ground Up.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Hadar-Noiberg-jazzes-up-New-York-413126

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