Hamas: ‘Zionism is in Trouble’

Zionism “is in trouble,” the leadership of Hamas opined Sunday, as it gave its own evaluation of Operation Protective Edge. While Israel's commemoration of the event last week was somber, remembering the dozens of IDF soldiers killed fighting off Hamas terror, the Gaza group celebrated its “victory” gains against Israel.

Top Hamas terrorist Mousa Abu-Marzouk wrote on his Facebook page that the war itself showed what a “crisis” Zionism was facing. The IDF had been unable to achieve its goal of stopping Hamas from attacking it, and had been unable to fight and keep its moral code.

The Israeli notion of “breaking” the terror groups no longer worked, he added. Israel had also been unable to stop Hamas from firing rockets, or to destroy Hamas terror tunnels. “The enemy cannot beat us and declare victory,” Abu-Marzouk said.

Abu-Marzouk added that the war took place at a “difficult time” for Hamas, because of the various conflagrations in the Islamic world, such as the rise of ISIS amd the Arab Spring. The Arab states, he said, were too busy with their own affairs to pay attention to Hamas.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/198018

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