Haredi IDF officer exposes leaders of anti-haredi enlistment harassment campaign

A haredi IDF officer who was one of numerous ultra-Orthodox military personnel subject to harassment by haredi extremists hired a private investigator to expose the people behind the harassment campaign.

Radical elements in the haredi community have in the past few years waged a vitriolic campaign of incitement and harassment  against haredi IDF officers involved in recruiting haredi conscripts, as well as enlisted haredi IDF soldiers.

The campaign has taken the form of posters, pamphlets and booklets with cartoons and other images that incite readers against haredi officials involved in promoting IDF service. These publications routinely depict such people as pigs and malign elements attempting to corrupt haredi youth.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Haredi-IDF-officer-exposes-leaders-of-anti-haredi-enlistment-harassment-campaign-415852

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