Haredi party aims to get its male and female lawyers seats in the Israel Bar Association

Tuesday’s Israel Bar Association election will have different colors for the first time – more black and white – and maybe even a judge with a wig.

Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) lawyers have united for the first time to run an all-haredi list to put their stamp on the association. The new party is called “Faith in the Workplace” and is led by Yossi Weitzman, head of the association’s collections department.

Among the party’s goals are haredim – both men and women – serving as judges, eventually even on the Supreme Court, according to Weitzman and party activist Sari Neumann.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Haredi-party-aims-to-get-its-male-and-female-lawyers-seats-in-the-Israel-Bar-Association-406035

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