Haredi politician accused of hypocrisy over bathing suit photos

Gender equality advocates in Bet Shemesh are up in arms with charges of hypocrisy over images of a local ultra-orthodox politician lounging near scantily clad women in Eilat that are being circulated on social networks.

The photos of Moshe Montag -a city counselor from the Degel HaTorah party close and a senior member of the administration of Shas Mayor Moshe Abutbul- were posted on Facebook Tuesday night and immediately generated an uproar among opponents of the municipality’s policies regarding controversial modesty signs hung by extremists around the Bet Shemesh.

Mixed gender swimming is considered unseemly by the ultra-orthodox.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Haredi-politician-accused-of-hypocrisy-over-bathing-suit-photos-406325

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