Haredim Respond to Anti-Enlistment Campaign

Hundreds of ads supporting IDF soldiers were placed in haredi neighborhoods in Jerusalem last night (Friday).

According to organizers, the posters are part of a wide campaign entitled "Embracing the haredi soldiers." They show a yeshiva student hugging a haredi soldier and include a call for the public to send in pictures of haredi soldiers. The picture was taken on Geula Street in Jerusalem.

"The haredi public refuses to be silent any more. There will be an appropriate response to the waves of hatred directed at our soldiers, the haredi soldiers, that shows the feelings of the sane majority of the haredi public," organizers say. "Over the past two years, most of the haredi public have opposed the incitement campaign against the soldiers, but has not found a way to express their protest. Now there is a way to do so."

They claim that this is only the first wave in the movement to express support for haredi soldiers. The campaign is reportedly financed by a wealthy Israeli businessman who has requested to remain anonymous.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/200623

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