*Health matters most interest those seeking public information*

Although the state unit for freedom of information was established almost three years ago, until its website accepting requests for data online was established a year later, it was rarely used. Only 53 requests were made during the first year. But then the fee was reduced by 80 percent, and filing the queries has become easier. The unit reported recently that the most frequent subject on which information was requested was health – from the Health Ministry, four public health funds and government-owned hospitals.

A total of 600 formal requests have been made through the online form at www.foi.gov.il, and the numbers are increasing.

Some 1,000 public agencies are required by law to provide (non-classified) information to the public.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Health/Health-matters-most-interest-those-seeking-public-information-391745

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