Health Minister Litzman likens gays to sinners as Knesset votes down LGBT rights bills

The opposition put a series of gay rights bills to a vote Wednesday, hoping to embarrass coalition members who took an active part in the Knesset’s first-ever LGBT Rights Day the day before.

Bills proposed by Zionist Union and Meretz MKs allowing gay civil unions and same-sex couples to adopt, educating health professionals about gender identity and sexual orientation, prohibiting "conversion therapy" aimed at changing someone’s sexual orientation, and giving same-sex partners of an IDF soldier killed in action the benefits heterosexual widows or widowers would get were all voted down in preliminary readings.

In some of the cases, the responding government representative pointed out that the Ministerial Committee for Legislation had not yet voted on the bill. In other words, it could have had a chance to pass, had the opposition MKs waited.


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