Hebrew University develops ‘breakthough’ method to suppress malaria parasite’s harmful genes

Jerusalem researchers have discovered the genetic mechanism by which the Plasmodium falciparum parasite evades the body’s immune response to cause the most dangerous type of human malaria.

The study, by Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine Prof. Ron Dzikowski and his doctoral student Inbar Amit-Avraham, has just been published in the ITAL Proceedings of the [US] National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) END ITAL. They conducted their study at the microbiology and molecular genetics department at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada and at the medical school’s Sanford Kuvin Center for the Study of Infectious and Tropical Diseases.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Health/Hebrew-University-develops-breakthough-method-to-suppress-malaria-parasites-harmful-genes-392184

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